I’m Adrienne,  and it’s so nice to meet you!

I’m a Certified Interior Decorator, True Color Expert, wife and mother. I love pasta, red wine, leopard print and bringing a sense of calm to the design process. When I’m not designing my client homes, you can find me with my hubby walking our two dogs Max and Penny, in my garden, or on a fun travelling adventure with my family

I specialize in choosing finishes for your new build, renovation or redecoration project. I will listen to your wants and needs and come up with a plan so you’ll feel on top of your game, not behind the eight ball.


It’s All About The Undertones

Color decisions are some of the most anxiety-producing dilemmas in any interior design project. 

Have you ever gone to the paint store to choose a new wall color? You stand in front of the display pulling chip after chip off the wall. You think you have found the perfect one so you go ahead and purchase the paint. Excited for the transformation, you start painting the walls. After awhile you stand back to admire your work only to see that the beautiful gray you thought you had chosen doesn’t look gray at all, in fact it looks blue! you rush back to the store sure they have made a mistake only to find out the haven’t. So why does it look blue?

Whether it’s paint, fabrics, tile, wood or stone, there are undertones in every neutral fixed finish you must choose for your home. As a Certified True Color Expert, I have been trained to identify these undertones and I will educate you on how to see them as well, so you don’t end up with finishes that are completely different color than what you thought they would be. Avoiding this common mistake with keep your project on track and on budget!

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Interior Designs By Adrienne, Certified Interior Decorator located in Cranbrook BC

Adrienne Gerein

Certified Interior Decorator and True Color Expert