Interior/Exterior Paint Color Consultation

Have you ever chosen a neutral color for your home , only to paint in on the wall and have it “turn” a different color?  You’re not seeing things and the paint store most likely didn’t make a mistake. There are undertones in every neutral paint color formulated. In this 1.5 hr consultation,

I will educate you on what they are and how to recognize them. We will then choose the perfect neutral color for your home using my 11×14″ large paint sample boards.

11x14 paint boards

Design Consultation

A Design consultation is the first step in any project, and sometimes all you will need.  If  you are building a new home,  renovating your current home,  wanting to redecorate a single room, or just want some general advice or someone to bounce ideas off, it all starts with an initial consultation. I come to your home prepared with many samples depending on your needs. We will discuss the particulars ahead of time in your free 15 min discovery call.

We will tour your home & talk about your design dilemmas & challenges. I’ll answer your questions & offer you practical, professional advice & tips on anything from paint colours to fixed finish options, space planning and lighting ideas.

From the initial consultation you may then choose to have me come up with a design plan for you.


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Interior Designs By Adrienne
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