Space Planning

The Importance Of Space Planning

Space planning is one of the most important things to do before the start of any remodelling or redecorating project.  All rooms are first and foremost spaces that need to function. They should perform for the way that we live, eat, sleep, and entertain. If the room doesn’t meet it’s first critical criteria, it doesn’t matter how good it looks.

Questions to consider…space planning layout
  1. What are the primary functions of the room?
  2. What are the secondary functions of the room?
  3. How many people will use this room?
  4. Will children and pets use this room?
  5. What is the natural flow of this room?
  6. What are the storage requirements for this room- what will be stored- how big are the items to be stored?

Once we have addressed the function of the room , we can decide on the best layout and material options.

Using CAD Software to Visualize your Space

Are you about to start a renovation or redecorating project? Having trouble visualizing the space? Do  you wonder if all of the things on your wishlist will fit into your new space? Can’t decide on layouts? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then a 3D model may be just what you need.  Using CAD technology I can create a visual  model of your brand new room that shows you how your space will look and function before you go out a purchase anything.




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