7 Valuable Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer in Cranbrook BC

Did you know that a beautifully designed and well functioning home doesn't happen by chance? I believe that every project should start with a well thought out plan that is carefully crafted to give you a home that is not only beautiful but functions with your lifestyle in mind. You will feel confident with my team of professionals to carefully execute our plan and give you a home that truly transforms the way you live.

If you think that hiring an interior design professional is only for the well-to-do, think again. In reality the cost of one mistake that doesn't function properly or looks terrible, can far outweigh the cost of hiring an Interior Design professional.

Read on to discover my top 7 benefits of hiring an Interior Design professional.


#7. Interior Designers Keep Your Timeline Efficient

No one wants a renovation or new build project to go on forever. Interior design professionals are savvy on what needs to be done and when. For example, when building a new home the first finishes that should be decide on are the exterior finishes. Things like garage doors and windows can take up to 3 months to arrive and can delay the start of interior work if not decided upon in a timely manner.

When it comes to interior finishes, by the time your contractor is asking you for a paint color, all of your fixed finishes like tile, counters, cabinet colors, fireplace stone, flooring etc, should have been chosen. I have received many panicked emails over the years from clients asking me for help in choosing paint colors, most of whom have not yet chosen any other finishes. Some are surprised for example, when I ask, what they have chosen for bathroom tile. Simply put, how can you choose the perfect paint color for your bathroom if you have not yet chosen the tile? it's not that it can't be done but there are many more choices of paint colors than there are of tile.

The bottom line? Staying ahead of the build process will result in a shorter timeline.

Interior-designs-by-adrienne-Cranbrook- BC-interior-designers-save-money-on-renovation.jpg

#6. Interior Designers Professionally Manage Your Budget

The most successful design projects always have a combination of "splurge and save" items. It doesn't matter if you are redecorating your living room or knocking out a wall in your home to allow for a bigger kitchen, splurge and save items are key to getting a high end look without breaking the bank. Contrary to what some may believe, a design professionals role is not to take your money and spend it frivolously but rather to be as strategic as possible in determining what items should be great quality investments while others are a little less.

interior-designs-by-adrienne-Cranbrook BC-Interior-desingers-create-unique-functional-spaces.jpg

#5. Interior Designers Create Uniquely Functional Spaces

Every client has a unique way of living, so the design of your home not only has to look fantastic, but it also has to function for the way you live. In a past renovation project, my client wanted a dishwasher that was installed in such a way that allowed her to use it easily into her golden years. She didn't want to be bending down to the ground when she is eighty to load and unload it. So we came up with a kitchen design that included mounting the dishwasher at counter height.

It's been nearly 4 years and my client calls me every once in awhile to tell me that she still loves her kitchen and especially the ease of using her dishwasher!

#4. Interior Designers Make Your Home Personal

Although Pinterest and Houzz are great platforms for inspiration, I love creating one-of-a kind spaces that are as unique as my clients personalities and interests. Some clients prefer their homes to be calm and serene while others love the look of bold colors in strategically placed areas to enhance the design of their space.

This foyer is a great example of how to play with bold color. The deep rich navy draws your eye up to a stunning pendant fixture and beautiful wood beams that crisscross the 18 foot tall entry, while the off-white millwork creates contrast so the space doesn't feel heavy.

No cookie cutter here!

interior-designs-by-adrienne-Cranbrook- BC-interior-designers-create-unique-functional-spaces.jpg

#3. Interior Designers Bring You Their Network

On a daily basis I'm working with contractors, trades people and suppliers that I have carefully chosen because they do great work and provide the best pricing and service. And because not every project goes perfectly, it's important to have a team that can work together efficiently to solve any issues that arise.

Without great customer service, your just another service!

#2. Interior Designers Give You Peace of Mind

When taking on a renovation or new build project, often times there is stress and overwhelm that come from being unsure of the process, not knowing what questions to ask and when decisions need to be made. I spend a great amount of time interviewing my clients to get a sense of their lifestyle, family situation, color and material preferences, and overall preferred design aesthetic.

Don’t worry , we’ve got this!

interior-designs-by-adrienne-Cranbrook -BC-interior-designers-peace-of-mind-fewer-errors.jpg

#1. Interior Designers Transform Lives

Creating beautiful practical homes that welcome you in after a long hard day, is what we do best. Whether your goal is to have a living space that welcomes your friends and family for inspiring conversation, a bathroom that provides the best in luxury and relaxation, or a kitchen that allows you to whip up an amazing meal with ease of function, we can make that happen.

interior-designs-by-adrienne-Cranbrook -BC-interior-designers-peace-of-mind-fewer errors.jpg

Lastly, there are not many things that bring me as much joy as helping others. Knowing that I can bring a sense of calm to what can sometimes be an overwhelming process, is very rewarding. Not only do I love collaborating with my clients to achieve a great design, I also love educating them on why some ideas work for their space and why some don't. After all, if you can't give a reason for a design element, you are just another opinion.

If you think your next project could benefit from an interior designer, let's get in touch!