5 Exciting Design Finds from IDS Vancouver 2019

One of my favorite times of year from a work perspective is September. The summer slow down (which allows me to have a much needed vacation) is over; new home builds, renovations and redecoration projects are starting and I get to attend IDS Vancouver!

 For designers in Western Canada IDS Vancouver is a trade show that allows us to get a first hand look at our suppliers' new products like flooring, plumbing fixtures, new countertop choices, lighting and furniture; as well as meet artists and artisans that create their own amazing products. I attend seminars by top industry leaders to gain insights on everything from the direction design is heading to business strategies that I can apply, to provide better service to my clients.

Read on to find out what my top 5 design finds were this year.


 1. Large Format And Wood Look Tile

In the past couple of years I have seen the scale of tile increase in size. While a standard 12 x 24 size is still the most popular, more and more the size is increasing. Large format tile such as 24 x 48, all the way up to 8 x 48 and larger. There are several benefits to choosing a large scale tile. They create a greater sense of spaciousness, offer a wide range of use (perfect for bathroom walls and fireplace surrounds) and they are more hygienic in terms of having less of those nasty grout lines to keep clean.

 A new comer to the tile game is textured wood look tile. I especially love this one because the light wood tones feel natural and elegant, and would make a perfect fireplace wall in a modern or traditional style home.



2. Warm Metals

Black and gold fixtures are everywhere and continue to be a popular choice.  We see it in furniture accents, lighting, plumbing fixtures, cabinet hardware and decor; but there is a newcomer to the game- Copper and Rose Gold

 My advice is to use it sparingly, as with any trend, too much of a good thing is NOT a good thing. In the kitchen try using this finish to update your lighting and cabinet hardware (it's an easy way to make espresso brown cabinets feel fresh and pairs beautifully with the deep dark finish).  Finally to complete the look, add a copper kettle or french press to your coffee or tea station and bam, you are on trend!

 If you're not ready to jump in that far, try adding some light decor to your living room or bedroom instead. An accent lamp, a succulent in copper pot and coffee or bedside table accessories will give you the look, without breaking the bank. And don't forget, repetition is key, three times and you're good to go!


3. TFL Decorative Surfaces

TFL or Thermally Fused Laminate, has taken hold as a material that is redefining wood. These decorative surface panels are very durable, offer consistent color and minimal waste. Thermally fused laminate comes in a variety of textures and finishes from different colored wood grains to high gloss panels and are perfect for kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities.


A fully customized 10x10 kitchen can be installed for under five thousand dollars; which makes this material a perfect solution for homeowners that are renovating on a  tight budget  or real estate investors that want to get the most bang for their buck!


We used TFL decorative panels in this latest kitchen renovation and the homeowners love it!


4. Color

Since we are still in what I call a "fresh trend", color continues to be very popular. Everything from bold indigos and emerald greens to shades of light blush and calming pastel blues and greens.


Depending on your design aesthetic, I find that lovers of Transitional and Modern Farmhouse design gravitate towards the lighter pastel shades , whereas modern design enthusiasts go for shades that are more bold. Whether its bold or pastel, light or dark, warm or cool,  color has the power to make us feel relaxed, energetic, romantic, sophisticated, creative or optimistic.


5. Biophilic Interior Design

The term Boifilic refers to our natural inclination to affiliate with nature, and when we combine it with the design of a home, the result is a space made up of natural materials, an abundance of natural light, vegetation and stunning views of nature. By fusing nature into our spaces we can reduce stress, increase creativity, improve our well being and speed up healing.

So, how do you get the look in your own home? here are a few tips.

1. If you have a green thumb, you can invest in real potted plants from your local florist or garden center; and if not, there are plenty of well done faux or preserved botanicals that will give you the same look and feel.

2. Full height trees (faux or real) are perfect for filling in a corner and small potted succulents add texture and interest to a grouping of accessories on your coffee table or built in  bookshelves.

3. Install botanical print wallpaper

4. Install a faux or living wall

If you are ever in Vancouver BC, check out The Botanist Restaurant in the Fairmont Pacific rim. You will enjoy amazing handcrafted cocktails and a fabulous meal while sitting amongst Biophilic Design!

ByNature  ,  Ste. Marie  The Fairmont Pacific Rim- Vancouver BC

ByNature , Ste. Marie The Fairmont Pacific Rim- Vancouver BC


Well, that's a wrap for this year! thanks for taking the time to join me on my tour. I have lots of exciting projects on the go this fall where we are incorporating many of these finds.


Which of these was your favorite? Could you see it in your own home? I'd love to hear in the comments below!


Until next time,